Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Finds - Vintage Market Days

Friday finds, vintage metal, Vintage Market Days, antique fairOn the same weekend as the Magnolia Ridge Gathering back in May, there was a Vintage Market Days event in North Augusta about a mile from Riverfront Antique Mall.

It was a boon for the sales at the booth.

I did not get to attend the first day, but after Ridge Spring on Saturday morning, I drove back to Aiken, unloaded, and headed to North Augusta.

I was searching for metal stuff for the kitchen.

This is not old but it is perfect for Chucks to have hanging over his coffee station.

Just a gentle reminder, you know.

A large sheet of pressed tin.

Have not used it yet, but it may not remain whole.

Pressed tin cornice pieces.

I have a project involving sheep for these.

I met Sarah Jane Fisher of Southern Boy Primitives and fell in love with the items she and Andy sell as they travel.

You can find them on Facebook HERE - Southern Boy Primitives.

These are pieces from a Makom chicken brooder.

They have a delicious rusty look.

I have them outside getting a little more rusty before I seal them.

I will probably use them in a row on the outside wall where there is currently a big hole in the brick where the old vent fan was removed.

My hope is it will cover the difference in the new brick and the old brick.

Chucks has gone around the neighborhood looking for old brick matching what is on our house.

He has amassed quite a stack.

When looking to see if I could find a picture of a Makom brooder I found an ad for an auction in the Hutchinson Herald in November, 1944. There was a Makom brooder listed under machinery. Auction advertisement - HERE.

Sorry, I could not find a photo.
I was able to attend the first Vintage Market Days in two places in South Carolina. The one in Ladson was cooler, but the one in North Augusta was closer.  Several of the same dealers, but I will probably attend both of the fall shows.

I was impressed with each event.

See y'all!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kitchen Table Dream

Industrial kitchen table, mason's mortar board, farmhouse table
Many of the changes in the kitchen were from my dreams.

One of my dreams was what the new kitchen table would look like.

It had to be crusty and rusty.

And distressed.

Yet usable as an eating surface.

Also it had to have an industrial look.

So here is my dream kitchen table.

It all started at a garage sale down the street. Melissa always has great things left over from her design business.

Two pieces of distressed wood were being used as tables for smalls.

My niece Leia spied them first and pointed out there was my kitchen table.

Alas, Melissa said they were spoken for, but she had one extra over in a corner.

1940's mason table top.

Years of mixing mortar.

Zinc-wrapped ends.

Carriage bolts to hold the slats together.

Genuine lime-washed pickled finish.

Rough from the embedded gravel bits.

There was only one person to make this a table.

Jerry Adams, a fellow dealer at Riverfront Antique Mall, is an excellent builder of rustic furniture.

He sanded the top and gave it the soft sheen of multiple coats of satin varnish.

He found old casters to use.

The top alone weighs about sixty pounds - I needed a way to roll it back and forth.

Then Jerry created this base and distressed it with gray paint.

The shelf and the angled legs add to the table's beauty.

The top can be unscrewed from the brackets underneath.

It took four of us to tote it around the house and into the kitchen.

We have enjoyed our meals around the table.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am obsessed with this table.

I will show it again when I reveal the breakfast room completed.

Thanks, Jerry.

It is my dream come to life.

See y'all!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Magnolia Ridge Antiques & Art Gathering 2017

Ridge Spring, Magnolia Ridge Arts & Antiques Gathering, vintage fair, architectural savage
The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.

Exhaustion from the kitchen renovation - yes, we are suffering.

Is it over?

No, not yet.

So on to the pleasant things I did manage to enjoy in the last two months.

Like the Magnolia Ridge Antiques & Art Gathering.

Because of the kitchen, I was not able to set up and sell, but there was time to shop.

No room to buy much.

The orange mail box is an iconic piece in Ridge Spring, SC.

It welcomes you onto the grounds of Magnolia Ridge which is a working farm and horse training site.

Familiar dealers showed up to sell on a glorious May Saturday.

All kinds of vintage items.

Yes, even the kitchen sink!

The back of the farmhouse with its red roof and deep back porch.

I was looking for crates and architectural items and there was no lack of them.

Among several small items was this pair of sidelights from a doorway.

They were mine!

(I was to first to spy them or they would not have been mine!)

Just needed a bit of cleaning.

Not sure what to call the type of glass - sort of lacy.

Looks like ice.

Beautiful green patina.

Unfortunately they are too long for over the counter in the new kitchen.

I am hanging on to them in case I find another place to use them.

On the way out of Ridge Spring we had to stop at Stuff & Things.

Found the old bench.

I posted it on Instagram as the perfect piece for the new laundry room.

Alas, after the washer and dryer were delivered, it was in the way of the dryer door by two inches.

C'est la vie!

Not sure if I am keeping it.

It may be headed to the booth.

I will admit to some laziness - I have gotten quite addicted to posting on Instagram.

However, every time I think about leaving the blogging world, something draws me back in.

Like friends.

See y'all!

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